Friday, June 10, 2011

Dr Cynthia Maung's letter

Dear Friends,

We are writing to ask for your help.

As many of you will know, conflict broke out in Burma following
elections in November 2011, forcing thousands of people across the
border into Thailand. Mae Tao Clinic and its partners have been
assisting these refugees hiding along the border by providing much
needed shelter, food and protection.

But the conflict shows no sign of stopping. And parents are getting
increasingly worried about their children. Although people have been
expecting to go back home, many dangers face them and their children
on their return, such as landmines, forced labour and fighting. Some
villagers return to their properties during the day to try to protect
them from the army, but they still must seek safety across the border
at night.

This situation is highly disruptive and distressing for the children
affected by the conflict. Schools still remain shut in Burma, yet
parents have been expressing a concern over their children's education
since November. Mobile education units were set up by MTC and other
organizations in a bid to give them access to education, but a
longer-term solution is now required to provide these children with
some semblance of stability and protection.

MTC, its partners and the community affected by the conflict have
agreed that integration into boarding houses and schools is the best
solution for the children at this time. We have identified 606
children directly affected by the conflict and are now giving them
places in boarding houses and schools. These boarding houses are close
to the border, giving the families an opportunity to remain close,
despite the difficulty of the situation.

We now desperately need your support to provide food for these
children. MTC was already feeding 2,805 people before the crisis and
we had budgeted for a 10% increase in student numbers in June. But the
current rise has been unprecedented and we do not currently have the
funds to cover the cost of food for these children. Could you help?

It costs 300 baht to pay for a month's supply of food for each child.
To feed these children for the next 10 months, we need 1.8 million
baht in total (approximately $62,000 USD). You can help us protect and
provide for these children displaced by the conflict by giving as much
as you can. A donation of $20 can pay to feed a child for two months.
Please visit to make a vital contribution.

We are grateful for whatever you can contribute to help these children
affected by the conflict.

Peace and warm wishes to you and your family.


Dr Cynthia Maung
Director of Mae Tao Clinic

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